“NEO 宝宝s”

Each NEO 宝宝 sports a headgear of their namesake, which incidentally are the nation’s favourite and our popular dishes! These friendly and loveable NEO 宝宝s are ever ready to join in a celebration, to bring joy and cheer to everyone.


Always curious about everything, Neo Curry (吉宝宝) loves to explore to learn and create new things, and make new friends! An optimist by nature, 吉宝宝 believes that each new day is a brand new opportunity.

NEO EBI (祥宝宝)

Fun-loving and carefree by nature, joy and laughter follows Neo Ebi (祥宝宝) everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled for this energetic Neo 宝宝 in his favourite red romper; but more often than not you would first hear his infectious giggles that would make even the grumpiest person smile.


As his favourite colour, yellow, implies Neo Kong Bak values friendship a lot! He believes that all good things, especially good food, must be shared with all his friends. It is well-known that where there is good food, there will definitely be Neo Kong Bak(寶宝宝)!