Food Philosophy

“We deliver the restaurant to you”

That is the strong conviction Founder, Chairman and CEO, Mr Neo Kah Kiat, has since starting Neo Garden Catering Services in 1992.

Any joyous occassions calls for a celebration with friends and family, and with any successful celebration there must be good food. Having a penchant for celebrations and great food, Mr Neo set out to prove that catering can provide restaurant standard food - if not better.

Since the business' beginning in a shared kitchen, Mr Neo firmly believes and never compromises in 3 areas - Excellent Food, Speedy Service and Impeccable Set-up. Due to the firm stand on quality control, Neo Garden Catering has become a reputable household name in Singapore and was given the honour of being the No. 1* Caterer in Singapore for two consecutive years. (*Based on a research conducted by The Nielsen Company (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)

To continually deliver quality food, Neo Garden Catering follows these 6 Food Philosophy rules:

1 Chef 1 Dish

Each chef is allowed to handle only one dish at a time to ensure full attention to the dish's quality and consistency. It also means that dishes in your oder gets cooked simultaneously.

1 Hour from Preparation to Delivery

From preparation to delivery, it will only takes one hour. This means dishes arrive warm and ready to please your tummy!

Looks and Taste

As much importance is placed on the appearance of the food as its taste.To ensure dishes are consistently good, random quality checks are conducted daily.

Constant R&D

Before Neo Garden launches any new dish, it goes through rounds of R&D to make sure the dish tastes good. Even the dishes on our standard menus go through constant R&D, so it can keep up with the ever evolving taste buds of our customers.

Buffet Express

We know how it is like to be caught up with all the preparations, and sometimes forget the most important thing – Food! We got your back, we can cater up to 500 pax within 3 hours. From the moment you confirm your order, to when the food is ready for delivery, we can do it all within 3 hours.

Quality Above All

We are firm believers that quality is more important than quantity. We will not sacrifice quality just to provide more quantity.