Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility runs deep throughout Neo Group. We strive to be a responsible neighbour and active contributor in the community we operate. By running our business in a socially responsible manner, it means we do not merely focus on profitability, but also on serving our society and doing our part for the community that sustains us.

Being socially responsible also means being committed to our employees to provide them with a safe working environment, a high standard of staff welfare and a strong emphasis on people development.

Fun @ Work

Neo Garden Catering aims to make our workplace a better place to work in with a happier environment so staff will look forward to coming to work. We believe in maintaining high standards for staff welfare, because we recognise that people are our biggest asset. We wish to go the extra mile by sharing the love with our families and communities too. MORE

Giving Back to Society

Neo Garden Catering believes in more than just making profits, but also being a socially responsible company. We want to give back to society and play our part in the community that has helped us become who we are today. Our contributions take on various forms, such as, monetary donations and food distributions. MORE