Fun @ Work

Neo Garden Catering aims to make our workplace a better place to work in with a happier environment so staff will look forward to coming to work. We believe in maintaining high standards for staff welfare, because we recognise that people are our biggest asset. We wish to go the extra mile by sharing the love with our families and communities too.

CNY Dinner @ 1 Enterprise Road

As an auspicious start to the new office at 1 Enterprise Road, we hosted a CNY dinner for our dedicated and hardworking staff at the new premises. Winners of the lucky draw walked away with a hampers courtesy of our partners. A donation drive for our SEED Fund was also held during the dinner where a total of $29,700.00 was collected for charity.

Monthly Sports Day @ Jurong Spring CC

At Neo Garden Catering we believe strongly in building healthy lifestyles and bonds between people. To promote health and wellness amongst the staff, monthly sports days are organised at Jurong Spring Community Centre. Top management and staff will participate in a jogging session together around Jurong West, and various activities such as, mass exercise and team bonding games.

Ding~ Ding~ Ding~ Ice Cream!

Due to the overwhelming response on the previous ice cream day, we decided to bring it back again! In the midst of the busy Chinese New Year period, our favourite traditional ice cream uncle went around with his magical bell to light a smile on our staff’s faces.

An Apple A Day, Keeps the Doctor Away.

In line with our plan to promote health and wellness among our staff, fruits were given to our staff to remind them to stay healthy. Each staff received a box of fruits containing an apple, banana, prune, and kiwi.

Kindness @ Work

We partnered with Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) to give out post-it pads with the words “A nation of kindness starts with one note” to our staff as a reminder to create a kinder work environment and encourage employee engagement.

Liang Teh Liang Whole Day!

In midst of one of our busiest month – December, our staff received a bottle of liang teh from us. We want our staff to fight the heat and stress, and nothing works better than good old liang teh.

Nasi Lemak Breakfast for All Staff

Once again, we surprised our hard working staff with a local breakfast favourite – Nasi Lemak. What better way to help staff kick start the day on the right note than providing a great tasting nasi lemak breakfast for everyone.

Surprise! Here’s a Hearty Breakfast for You

We surprised all our staff by providing a hearty breakfast in appreciation of the hard work of everyone. Each and every staff was welcomed by a packet of local breakfast delight on their desk one morning, making it a delightful way to start their day.