Have your guests prepare their own dish exactly the way they want it! It is also a great way to get them interact and know each other better.

Popiah Set

Thin Rice Flour Skin served with Lettuce, Beansprout, Stir-fried Turnip, Chopped hard-boiled Eggs, Sweet sauce, Minced Garlic & Chili

$88/set (good for 15-20pax)

Laksa Set

Laksa Noodle, served with Egg, Tau Pok, Beansprout, Sliced Prawns, Sliced Fishcake, Laksa Leaves & Sambal Chili

$5.80/ Pax (Min. 20 pax)

Nasi Lemak Set

Nasi Lemak Rice/Mee Hoon, served with Crispy Winglet, Fish Ball, Otah, Stir-fried Long Bean, Ah Char, Ikan Bilis, Cucumber & Sambal Chili

$5.80/ Pax (Min. 20 pax)

Mee Siam Set

Mee Siam served with Egg, Dried Beancurd, Chives, Lime & Sambal Chili

$5.80/ Pax (Min. 20 pax)

Kueh Pie Tee Set

Kueh Pie Tee Shells served with Stir-fried Turnip, Sliced Prawn, Chopped hard-boiled Eggs, Sweet Sauce, Minced Garlic & Chilli

$88/set (good for 15 - 20pax)

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