Thematic Decor

It’s no secret that food is not just meant for our taste buds but also a feast for our eyes. Nothing beats giving your guests an event to remember! With our thematic setup services, you can now choose from our 15 thematic displays to dress up your buffet table, based on your event’s theme – Baby Full Month or 1st Birthday, Weddings, 21st Birthday or even your unique theme party.

Little Traveller  New! 

Pack your suitcases, grab a map and get ready as we hop onto the adorable plane that will take your little traveller on a fun-filled adventure!

From $280

Aloha Flamingo  New! 

Aloha, flamingo amigos! Immerse in the tropical vibe and let your little princess flamingle with her friends. THE perfect theme for our tropical weather.

From $250

Safari Playland Refreshed! 

Let’s go on a/ this jungle safari adventure with Neo Garden, we’re sure your little one is going to have a wild time with these jungle pals!

From $250

Pastel Unicorn  Popular! 

To the girl who is just as precious as the mythical creature, you’re one in a million! And it’s only right we celebrate it the magical way - even if we don’t have fairy dust enough to go around.

From $280

Tutti Frutti  Refreshed! 

We’re going bananas for em’ lollies and fruits! Summer’s made a little fresher with this vibrant fruit fiesta, all ripe for the picking!

From $250

Dino Jungle  Popular! 

RAWRRRRR. It’s back to the pre-historic age – Dinosaurs coming alive! Boy, are we glad that these dinos are just palm-sized escorts for your food!

From $280

Under The Sea Popular! 

Under the sea, under the sea, darling its better, here with Neo Garden, take it from me! Dive right into the buffet line, it’s always better down where the fish friends are.

From $250

Grand Prix

Raise the flags! The race to determine the next baby Hamilton starts now. Down the buffet line. Ready, set, go!!

From $230

Seaside Holiday

Row, row, row your ship, gently down the sea~ Nautical experiences can never get better. High-tide or low-tide, enjoy a vacation by the seaside!

From $230

Garden Party

Every day feels like spring with this garden and floral layout. Indulge in the beauty of these flowers while you feel your spirits getting lifted!

From $250

Baby full month

Have adorable plush toys and balloons adorn your buffet line, choose form either baby blue or baby pink.

From $150

Geometric Botanical  Refreshed! 

It’s chic and minimalistic. Effortlessly classy and teeming with la vie botanique – gotta love your rectilinears and succulents! An ideal theme for your Wedding Reception.

From $280

Rose Gold Romance

Guests will certainly have a great impression of this glamourous yet sophisticated display of rose gold romance. The perfect theme for your Wedding reception.

From $250

Classic Silver & White

A timeless combination of silver and white that is both classy and modern.

From $250

Looking at add-ons such as helium balloons or thematic backdrop? Contact our catering consultant to check on the cost and colour selections!

*Photos are for illustration purposes only & may vary from actual product

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